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GAMIT is a 5 year old freelancing company of over 40 members dedicated to making YOUR online business work more effectively. We are experienced, hard working and passionate about our work and do our best of the best to please our customers. The 1000 SEO projects we’ve completed so far and the approval of our previous clients reflected in the wonderful reviews they have left us are the testimonial of our involvement.

Coordinated by a group of three engineers: Gabriel, Ana and Mihai, the GAMIT team is comprised of talented writers, thoroughly trained link builders and amazing graphic web design artists. All the members are highly qualified, experienced individuals dedicated to the work they conduct. Their passion and interest in the clients’ wishes is the key to a well done job and a spotless record for the team.

Our work begun with search engine optimization (SEO) and link building strategies meant to improve website positioning in main search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. You are probably familiar with us from the website, but our work now extends beyond SEO and building inbound links. We are now providing graphic web design. So those of you who are just starting to build an e-commerce website and want to begin with a really well done job regarding online presentation, have a chance to do so with our quality services.
This website is the most recent “product” under the signature of GAMIT. It was designed to meet YOUR needs in website design and website promotion. And though we are new in website design, we do not lack experience. Our team members will professionally take care of your website design, logo design, web presentations, posters, business cards, banners and … practically anything which implies targeted web creation.

If you are interested in business templates, business card templates or business flash templates, then you have come to the perfect freelancing team: us. We will listen to your wishes, pay attention to the business you are looking to develop, to the targeted public and to the time frame you need us to comply with. We will provide you with the perfect professional web design and we promise, you will not feel any disappointment!
Everything will be done accordingly by our web design artists. You will find that collaborating with us is simple and efficient. We will take all your worries and turn them into the results you hoped for.

So, if you are interested in our services, you can communicate with us and honor payments through the freelancing websites whose members we’ve been for a long time:,, or through our own website, by sending us an email at the address specified in the CONTACT section and using the PAYPAL option found on the homepage.  
Thank you for taking an interest in our team and in our work! We hope to hear from you really soon.



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